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I trust you are all keeping well on this beautiful day...Please kindly explain if you would:

Why is Cos(x)=Cos(x+30)?


Because, I'm sure the angle (x) is the same for both sides..Now Cos 30 is most definitely not the same as Cos 60?..Thank you very much

 Mar 8, 2023

You are right, Cosx is definitely not equal to cos(x+30)


Maybe there is more to the question? 

 Mar 8, 2023

Good morning Melody,


Uhm I have a book here, with Maths 4 Africa..., it'slike a study guide, and it gives identities with examples...On one page it says GENERAL SOLUTIONS as head line, then 5 types


Type 1 says Sina=number

Type 2 says Sina=2Cosa

Type 3 says Sina=Cosb

Type 4 says Cosx=Cos(x+30)


and then type 5 is all about 2 or more terms...


it's okay, Melody, don't mean to waste your time with this...There is an example of what the author means, however does not make sense to me...


NOPE...LET'S SKIP THIS ONE....smiley..Thanks for replying though 

juriemagic  Mar 8, 2023

yea sorry,

None of that makes sense.

Melody  Mar 8, 2023

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