The graph shows the commission earned for each week of employment.
Which statements are true? (You may select more than one answer.)

A) The commission earned increased in the beginning of employment and after week 11.


B) The end behavior is the same on both sides of the graph.


C) The amount of the commission earned decreases between the fifth and eleventh week of employment.


D) A commission of $320 for a week was earned three times over the first 10 weeks.

E) About $110 in commission were initially earned.



Here's a link to a photo of the graph: https://imgur.com/a/p09eP

Thanks to anyone who helps.

 Mar 4, 2018

A = True


B  = False


C = True


D = True


E = Not strictly true....it looks like a litte more than $110....but, I suupose  that  "about"  makes this True



cool cool cool

 Mar 4, 2018

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