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Happy New Year, almost. I just want to say that everyone on web2.0calc has been INCREDIBLY supportive since I joined in October. Thank you! Happy holidays, and let's wait for 2019! laugh




(also, if you want to share new year's resolutions or things like that on this page, go ahead!)

(also also, sorry if you didn't like this post, i know it's not math related.)

 Dec 28, 2018

Thanks, CoolStuffYT.......you have been a real asset  on here.....!!!!



cool cool  cool

 Dec 28, 2018

Thanks, you too CPhill! You are a great moderator and a real smart person!

CoolStuffYT  Dec 29, 2018

Hey CoolStuffYT thanks for all the help you give everyone!! Have a Happy New Year!!! My resoulation is to eat fast food less. Whats yours?

 Dec 30, 2018

Mine is to get into the life of church, I am Christian and I think I should be going to church more! :P

CoolStuffYT  Dec 30, 2018

Thats cool!!

ilovepuppies1880  Dec 31, 2018

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