1) Determine the number of distinguishable 5-letter arrangements using all the letters in the word CHOICES using permutation


2) Sarah is an interior designer and is re decorating a living room. She has some available furniture in different colors. She has three couches that are black, grey or beige. Two large chairs that are blue and green. She also has 2 coffee tables that are glass or marble. Create a tree diagram and list all possible variations of furniture with one couch, one chair and one coffee table. Use the fundamental counting principle to verify the total number of total furntiure variations.



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 May 4, 2021

1) In thte word CHOICES there are 6 distinct letters and the question asks for a 5 letter arrangment so it would be



NOTE: I have not learned permutations yet so my answer might not be correct. Can someone let me know if I did this right?

 May 4, 2021

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