There are 97 students in South High School.  South High School offers only Chinese and Spanish.  There are 5 more students in Chinese than in Spanish, and every student takes at least one language.  If \(37\)  students take only Spanish, then how many take both languages?

 Jan 25, 2022

This is a Venn Diagram question.


If 37 students only take spanish, then there are 60 students who either take only Chinese or both. If there are 5 more students in Chinese than in Spanish, then there are 37 + 5 more students who only do Chinese.


This is true because no matter how many students take both Chinese and Spanish, it doesn't contribute to the fact that there are 5 more students who take Chinese than Spanish. Altogether there are 79 students who take one language, so there are 97 - 79 = 18 students who take both languages.



 Jan 25, 2022

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