How many ways can the letters in BEEKEEPER be rearranged so that two or more Es do not appear together?

 Jan 18, 2022

Melody this is from the 2022 AMC8. This person is cheating. I'm not sure how we will be able to report them as they are here as a guest. I just wrote this test today and this was one of the questions. It was strictly written to not discuss any questions before Jan. 25. I dont know what to do. 

 Jan 18, 2022

I have hidden my answer and after I write this I will block further answering.

It was a good question.

I am sorry your students are cheating.

I do not believe it is possible to give an internet test for maths.

Maybe in the furure there may be some way around it but at present Maths tests need to be fully supervised in a classroom.  

This is what I think.

 Jan 18, 2022

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