Kurt is creating a bouquet of flowers for his mother. He has a selection of roses, lilies, orchids and violets from which to create a bouquet of a dozen flowers. Kurt's mother loves orchids, so his bouquet will have at least eight orchids. How many different groups of a dozen flowers can Kurt use to make a bouquet? 

 Jul 13, 2022

Suppose we have 12 members of a set


We have 8 orchids in  the set by default


Of the other 4  flowers in  the set (making a  dozen in total)  we have 4 ways to choose a flower in  each of the remaining 4 positions


So.....total number of possible boquets (sets)  = 4 * 4 * 4 * 4  =    256



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 Jul 21, 2022

Note that we use stars and bars for this method to prevent overcounting. 


We have 4 stars and 3 bars to sort the 4 remaining flowers, and the number of orderings is how many ways we can order the stars and bars, making for \({7 \choose 3} = \color{brown}\boxed{35}\) options. 

 Jul 21, 2022
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