W*F man? I said stop messing with people! Im gonna ban you if you don't stop.😈. Have a happy life in h**l. 😁

Goken  Apr 11, 2017

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Dude chill and don't post things like this

Brooklyn.Beckham  Apr 11, 2017

You know I don't beleive in god...just the great joke...you realize you don't scare me...I could've been banned at any time...I have more friends than you on this site, weather it's saying much or not, and you really truly are annoying...you realize that I haven't been on this site in like what...three two days, you are such a hypocrite indeed weren't you the one who came to me first...makes you wonder who the joke'll be on in the end HA

ClownPrinceofChaos  Apr 11, 2017

Weren't you the one who said you'd k**l me...indeed I don't ever remember saying that to you...and if I did I garuntee it wasn't until after you threatend me

ClownPrinceofChaos  Apr 11, 2017

Goken I'm your friend here and you know that but I agree with Brooklyn, please dont post things like this on forum. 

MysticalJaycat  Apr 11, 2017

Cant ban only adre can

Deathrises101  Apr 11, 2017

He will just delete you account

Deathrises101  Apr 11, 2017

w*f man

Haha123  Apr 12, 2017
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