So lets say we have for

SELL  2000 pcs at price of 84 thats give as 167580 sats

the current price is 45

and we want to average down those 2000 pcs at the price of 69 without a loss, so 2000pcs at 69 give as 137655 sats

this is a differend of 29925 sats so we must cover thats loss!

the current price is 45 so we need pcs from 45 to cover the loss of 29925 SO how many pcs we must but at price of 45 to put them at 69 to cover the loss!



The question is we need a formula to do this fast! if we start to put differend pcs we will find it some time, but time is money :P

if anyone can find a formula to do this with simple maths fast tha would be appreciated!


thanks in advance.

 Aug 24, 2019

What is a sat?


2000 pieces at 84 sats is going to cost 168000 sats,  I assume you have rounded something off but if zou want a formula for anything you have to describe exactly what you are doing.


Your currency might be crypto but your question, as a whole, is quite cryptic.

 Aug 24, 2019

Hello again

sat is dividend of bitcoin.

OK forget about crypto lets do this with simple staff potato and currency euro


i have a sell order 2000pcs at the price of 84 euro thats give me 168000 euro!

the current price of potato is 45 at the moment so i want to average down the potatos of price at 84 euro! 

IF i buy 2000pcs of potato at 45 this is 90000 cost, so the average price of all together 4000 potatos is 64.5 euro if i put those for sell will return me back 168000euro + 90000euro= 258000 euro!

BUT i dont want to put them on 64.5 euro price i want a SPECIFIC PRICE of 69 euro per potato, so i want a formula to find how many potatos i must buy at current price of 45euro to average down the 2000 potatos of 84euro price to 69euro!


i try to be clear as i can and sorry for my bad english


thanks in advance.

Guest Aug 26, 2019

2000 potatoes at 84 euro each  is 90000 euros         (my goodness they are expensive potatoes!)

X  potatoes at     45 euros is             45X     euros


Now we have  2000+X  potatoes.  And we want them to have an average price of  69 euros

So the total cost of all the potatoes will have to be     69(2000+X)    euros.


so we have


\(2000 \times 84  + 45x = 69(2000+x)\\ 2000 \times 84  + 45x = 69\times 2000+69x\\ 2000 \times 84  -69\times 2000 = 69X-45x\\ 2000(84-69)=(69-45)x\\ x=\frac{2000(84-69)}{(69-45)}\\ x=\frac{30000}{24}\\ x=1250 potatoes\\ \)



(2000*84+1250*45)/3250 = 69   Good :)


So what do we have 


\( x=\frac{2000(84-69)}{(69-45)}\\ \)

Let the original number of units be N     So  N=2000 potatoes

Let the original highher price be      H    so  H=84 euros

Let the new low price be       L                so L = 45 euros

Let the desired average price be A        so A= 69 euros

x is the additional number we need to buy to reduce the average price to the one that is desired.


and we have:



 Aug 26, 2019

Those potatoess! thanks a lot for your time! you was clear as potato... no as Diamond! keep do your good job math sensei!

Have a nice day! 

thanks again!

Guest Aug 26, 2019

laugh laugh laugh

Melody  Aug 26, 2019

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