I made a non-official Discord Server for this website :) 

Pls join the server if you want :D

Here is the invite link:




MaxWong  Apr 29, 2017

What does Offical Discord Service mean?

Arya_Lynn  Apr 29, 2017

It is non-official.... That means it isn't made by a staff of this website
And Discord is an app for chatting how can you not know.......

Also not "service" it's "server", that means a thing that connects the user of the app to chat together, like a "group".

MaxWong  Apr 29, 2017

So basically you made a chat site 

Arya_Lynn  Apr 29, 2017

Max, your use of the term "how can you not know" is condescending.

Since you want people to interact with you it is not a sensible choice of words.


Anyway,  I hope you get what you want from your chat site :)

Melody  Apr 29, 2017

"how can you not know" in Cantonese is not a very rude term so sorry.... :(


I am trying to make an alternative choice for getting help quickly because if you type "help quick" in your question title and no one is online in the forum, that's no use. Some urgent users on the forum can't get instant help and usually until when they say "OK nothing" so you know we missed this question. So one of the functions of the Chat Site is to notify people there is an urgent question by posting a question and then send the link to the group and that's the main function of it. Others include some fun, perhaps? :)



MaxWong  Apr 30, 2017

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