lt's back! Yes indeed! 


After about 2 months of silence, Daily Dose has returned! For newer people, l started a series of posts called the Daily Dose. This is where l give some advice or famous quotes once a day, hence the name. lt's meant to be an open post, where nontoxic users are allowed to conversate about anythin pertaining to the quote or positivity. (Just a note: l'll do this only on weekdays as the weekends have the forum almost empty.)


So for today l give you a quote by Joseph Campbell, author of Hero of a Thousand Faces as well as being credited for the Monomyth.


"A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than themselves."





Be a hero... c:

HighSchoolCalculus  May 11, 2017

Thanks for the #DailyDose! I like how you keep spreading positivity even if there is so much negativity in the world! I've been going through some rough times recently and it's nice to see some positivity once in a while. Thanks for being so positive! You keep being you @HighSchoolCalculus!


Thank You!


MagikalRedNiteTiger~ smileywinklaughcheeky

MagikalRedNiteTiger  May 11, 2017
edited by MagikalRedNiteTiger  May 11, 2017

No problem @MagikalRedNiteTiger. Now that AP testin is over, my mentality has improved... Yet l'm scarred.

HighSchoolCalculus  May 11, 2017

LOL! Remind me not to take Calculus ever, then!



MagikalRedNiteTiger  May 11, 2017

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