karen, gavin, nasra, and ali each have a deck of playin cards. Each student randomly draws a card from the deck. find the probability of each event:


A) each students draws a club.



B) Karen draws a red card, Gavin draws a kings, Nasra a black card, and ali draws the 2 of clubs.



C) Karen draws a heart, Gavin draws a heart, Nasra a face card, and ali draws an ace


sincerely mecheeky

cheifraidhunter  Jun 9, 2017

A)  therre are 13 clubs in 52 cards so the probability of drawing a club is 1/4.  Since there are four independent decks involved here the probability of all four drawing a club is (1/4)4, or 1/256


B).  There are 26 red cards in a deck, so probability of drawing one is 26/52 or 1/2

      There are 4 kings in a deck, so probability of drawing one is 4/52 or 1/13

      There are 26 black cards, so probability of drawing one is 1/2

      There is only one 2 of clubs so probability of drawing it is 1/52

Overall probability is obtained by multiplying these together, namely:  (1/2)*(1/13)*(1/2)*(1/52) or 1/2704


C) Try this one yourself using a similar sort of reasoning.


Alan  Jun 10, 2017

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