Daniel was driving to Las Vegas which is 270 miles away from home. The first thing he did was to fill up his gasoline tank which was only a quarter full. It costed him a total of $45 to do that. When he arrived at the destination later in the afternoon,his gasoline tank was at only one-sixteenth the capacity. Daniel was curious about how far, in miles, one dollar worth of gasoline can take him.Can you help him calculate? Please give the answer rounded to the nearest one-tenth of a mile.

 Jan 11, 2021

I will give this a try:


His gas tank was 1/4 full when he filled up for a cost of $45


Had the tank been completely empty, it would have cost him: 1/0.75 * 45 =$60


When he arrived at his destination, he still  had 1 / 16 of his gasoline left, which means his car consumed: 15 / 16 of his gasoline.


15/16 * $60 =$56.25 the cost of gasoline that his car consumed.


So: 270 / $56.25 =4.8 miles/dollar, or that is how far he drove per dollar.

 Jan 11, 2021

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