One brand of ear plugs claims to block the sound of snoring as loud as 22 dB. A second brand claims to block snoring that is eight times as intense. If the claims are true, for how many more decibels is the second brand effective?

 Apr 24, 2020

if brand two's is 8x more effective i assume we just multiply 8 by 22 = 176dB.


Hope you buy brand two 22db isn't a lot


EDIT: Caffeine corrected my mistake, subtract 22 from 176 = 154db.


If you don't understand anything feel free to ask


And also. (sounds of 176dB are VERY harmful to your hearing, strongly suggest you don't take the risk)

 Apr 24, 2020
edited by hugomimihu  Apr 27, 2020

Just like hugomimihu said, you multiply 8 by 22 which gives us 176 dB. Because your question asks for how many more decibels is the second brand effective, we could subtract 22 from 176, which gives us 154 as our answer.

 Apr 24, 2020

Yeah, I misread the problem (my bad)! 


Thanks for the correction.

hugomimihu  Apr 27, 2020

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