I need to get volume of few bodies 

I have following things:



I have formula d^2*π*h/4

The problem is I need to take care of significant digits which I don't understand.

Next problem for the same body after that is with density ρ=m/V. I also need to watch out for significant digits.

I have the mass of 414g.

If anyone knows this please answer.

P.S. It would be helpful for me if you write density in g/cm^3 and in kg/m^3.

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\(d^2*π*h/4\) = 3,5002 * \(π\) *5505 /4= 15132659.11 considering u need the volume then u should round the answer to 4 s.f which will be around 15130000 mm3 . Now if u want the answer in either cm3 or m3 then just use the basic S.I units to convert the answer. 

Next problem

15130000 mm3 = 15130 cm3

Density = \(\rho=m/V\)

             = \(\rho= 414/15130\)

             = \(\rho= 0.027 gcm^-3 \) or \(27.36 kgm^-3 \)


For the first problem I divided the equation by 4 cuz i dont know if only the h is being divided by 4 or the whole equation.

If only the h is being divided by 4 then all the answers will be changed.



Rauhan  Nov 18, 2017

 Will convert the units from mm to meters.


1 meter =1,000 mm



V = d^2*π*h/4 - This is the volume of a cylinder.

V =3.5^2*3.141592*5.505/4

V =52.964 m^3

Density = Mass/Volume

414g / 1,000 =0.414 kg.

Density =0.414/52.964

Density =0.00782 kg/m^3

Guest Nov 18, 2017
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edited by Guest  Nov 18, 2017

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