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Determine the length of side CB.

A) 3

B) 3√2

C) 3√3

D) 6

E) 6√2





If x = 3 and the area of the rectangle = 21, what is the length of the other side of the rectangle?

A) 7

B) 18

C) 24

D) 48

E) 63





Given that angle A is an angle found in the first Quadrant. What is the measure (in radians) of another angle that has the same cosine value as angle A?


A) π/2 + A

B) π - A

C) π + A

D) 2π - A

E) 2Aπ



Where would an imaginary line need to be drawn to reflect across an axis of symmetry so that a regular pentagon can carry onto itself?


A) any angle to any angle

B) any angle to the farthest angle

C) any angle to the next closest angle

D) any angle to the center of the side opposite the angle

E) the center of any side to the center of any other side

 Oct 18, 2019

First one....this is a 45 - 45 - 90  right triangle....so  CB  = CA


Second one  .....  solve this  for x

3 *x  =  21   


Third one

D) 2π - A


Last one

D) any angle to the center of the side opposite the angle



cool cool cool

 Oct 18, 2019

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