Diana is constructing a regular hexagon inscribed in a circle. She begins by drawing a line and labeling a point on the line as point A. She uses her compass to construct a circle with point A as the center, labeling the points where the circle intersects the line as points B and C. Without changing the compass opening, she constructs a circle with point B as the center and then with point C as the center.


What step should be her next step?


A. Put the point of the compass on point B and the pencil point on point C. Using this compass width, put the compass point on A and draw another circle.


B. Draw and label the points where the circles with centers A and B intersect and where the circles with centers A and C intersect.


C. Put the point of the compass on point B and the pencil point on point C. With the compass point still on B, draw two arcs that intersects the circle with center A.


D. Use a straightedge to join the four points where the circles intersect.

AngelRay  Nov 14, 2017

B; this would give us 6 points on the circle, each equidistant. After connecting them, she would have the regular hexagon inscribed in the circle.

helperid1839321  Nov 14, 2017

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