Three players are sitting at a round table playing a dice game with these rules.  Each player starts with three tokens. On each turn, the player rolls one regular six-sided die and does one of the following actions based on the number rolled:


If you roll 1, 2, or 3, place two tokens in the middle of the table.  (If you have ony one, place that one.)

If you roll 4, 5, or 6, keep your tokens.

After each turn, play passes to the player on the left. The game ends as soon as there is only one player with tokens left. What is the fewest number of total turns that can be taken before the game is over?

 Jul 20, 2022

I dont know what 'total turns' means but if the first and second ones loses on their first and second go then the game is over. so that is 5 goes in total.

 Jul 20, 2022
edited by Melody  Jul 20, 2022

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