Q: How many ways can 5 teddy bears, 6 toy trucks, 5 dolls and 1 toy car be distributed among 17 children if each child is to receive 1 item?



A: 17!/(5!*6!*5!*1!) = 34,306,272



Is this correct?

Guest Nov 27, 2017
edited by Guest  Nov 27, 2017

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That doesn't look right to me. I think you did it wrong, but I don't know how.

Conman13  Nov 27, 2017

If all the teddy bears and trucks etc are identical then it will be


17! / (5!6!5!1!)

Now that you have edited your question it is correct.

If you edit your post please have the courtesy to state what you have changed. 

Melody  Nov 27, 2017

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