On January 22,2003 the distance between Sun and Pioneer 10 was 21,275,527,680,000m=2.12*10^13m

now on january 2009 the pioneer 10 has alreay covered 6 yrs of time

so , 6yrs= 1.892*10^8sec

and S=V.t

the relative velocity V=12.24Km/s and t=1.892*10^8sec


then in 6 years the pioneer 10 has covered distance d=12.24*1.892*10^8Km=23.1508080*10^8km=231508080000m


so overall distance=21275527680000m + 2315080800000m=.2150*10^14m


Aldebaran was in the distance 6.15*10^7m

then in 6 years=1.892*10^8sec the distance will be 6.15*10^7*1.892*10^8m=1.16358*10^16m


in 2009 the distance between aldebaran and pioneer 10 is=1.16358*10^16-.2150*10^14m=1.1614*10^16m

the speed of pioneer= 12.24km/s=12240m/s

so pioneer covers 12240m in one sec

pioneer covers 1m in 1/12240sec

then pioneer covers 1.1614*10^16m in 1.1614*10^16*1/12240sec=.0000947*10^16sec=3.029*10^-12yr

 Sep 26, 2019

For your answers, all of your steps seem correct!


Does your teacher check for the exact answer? If you are a hundredth of a thousandth off, does your teacher consider it wrong?




Your answers and solution steps seem accurate, so you should be fine.



You can see what other people say though.

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Here is how long it should take Pioneer 10 spacesraft to reach the star Aldebaran. According to Wikipedia, the distance to Aldebaran is ~65.3 light years from the Sun.


The speed of light is: 299,792.458 km/second.
The speed of Pioneer 10 is 12.24 km/second.

299,792.458 / 12.24 =24,492.85 times is the speed of light faster than the speed of the spacecraft.
Therefore, it will take Pioneer 10: 


 24,492.85 x 65.3 =1,599,383 Earth years to reach Aldebaran. Make sure that your final answer agrees roughly with this number.

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