Sodium chlorate, NaClO3, decomposes when heated to yield sodium chloride and oxygen, a reaction used to provide oxygen for the emergency breathing masks in many airliners. Balance the equation?


does anyone  know how to do this?

Guest Nov 30, 2014

You better write the 3 in subscript like this:


Pyramid  Dec 1, 2014

Not sure I understand what your question is. To balance a chemical equation the sides must be equal to one another. 


When Sodium Chlorate, NaClO3, decomposes it produces Sodium Chloride, NaCl. Using this we can surmise that the missing compound in our balanced equation is Ozone, O3:

$$NaClO3 - NaCl \Rightarrow O3$$



Now, we piece the balanced equation back together as:

$$NaClO3 \Rightarrow NaCl + O3$$



Note: Ozone, O3, will further decompose to O2 as Ozone is too unstable under higher atmospheric pressure.

$$O3 \Rightarrow O2 + O$$

Sorasyn  Dec 1, 2014

According to your equation, Sorasyn, when the oxygen masks deploy on an airliner, the passengers get to breath concentrated ozone to k**l any germs and viruses along with liquefying their lungs. This sounds great!


H**l, I’d breath it just to suppress the nausea caused by your (CDD) Contagious Dumbness Disease


I am sure TWA (T*******t World Airlines) will hire you on the spot for your superb chemistry skills.

You should breath deep. It won’t cure the disease but it will help to prevent its spread.


Try this equation, if you want O2 (this works by applying the dumbness correction factor).

2NaClO3 = 2NaCl + 3O2

Nauseated  Dec 1, 2014

Nauseated : Did you happen to miss where I stated I was fuzzy about the question? Congratulations on establishing yourself as an incredibly moronic and condescending idiot. (Moronic Condescending Idiot disorder, MCI for short.) Pull your head out of your a*s.

Sorasyn  Dec 1, 2014

  . . . I stated I was fuzzy about the question?


I didn’t catch the “fuzzy” part, but I am not surprised. This is one of the symptoms of CDD.  You should seek treatment immediately!!


Congratulations on establishing yourself as an incredibly moronic and condescending idiot. (Moronic Condescending Idiot disorder, MCI for short.)


Thank you for the congrats. MCI Is one of the mutable side effects that occurs after a cure for CDD. This is bad, but along with the nausea it helps to prevent re-infection.


 Pull your head out of your a*s


There is no need. I have a special mixture of NaClO3 that produces ozone to k**l the germs and also generates oxygen to help with breathing in hostile environments. A chemist with CDD formulated it for me.

Nauseated  Dec 1, 2014

Thanks Sorasyn and Nauseated.


I have been in stiches ALL afternoon.

Your banter is HILARIOUS!      ROF LOL  ROF LOL


Please Sorosyn.  Can you think of another rebuttle.   Your first one was brilliant.

"Moronic Condescending Idiot Disorder    MCI "    That is classic - I love it.

You know our troll gets away with blue muder around here, I expect it is because he is so funny.

Please banter like this with him some more - we all enjoy a good laugh.      


Nauseated loves diagnosing people with "Contagious Dumbness Disease  CDD" 

Now I know that he has suffered with CDD it explans a lot.  People imagine their own illness is everywhere.

I wonder if he is really cured.

What do you think Sorasyn?   Now he has MCI (and maybe CDD as well)  Makes one wonder does it not?

Guest Dec 1, 2014

I really like that too.  I shall have to try and remember it.


Moronic Condescening Idiot Disorder.   MCID

That does fit most of Nauseated's symptoms!   MCID   MCID   MCID ....

That is me trying to ram it into my brain :))))       Hahahahaha   cool

Melody  Jan 21, 2016

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