A line goes through (2, 3) and (−8,−2). The line has an x-intercept of P and a y-intercept of Q. Find the area of 4OPQ

 Jun 6, 2021

I suggest that you graph it roughly first.  That will help with the reasonableness test later.


Now find the equation of that line.

What is the gradient?

I always think of the next bit as gradient = gradient. (A mathematician would not like me saying this, it technically floored but it will work fine)

\(gradient = gradient\\ put\; your \;gradient \;here = \frac{y-3}{x-2}\)


I used (2,3)  but it would work just the same with (-8,-2)


Now solve it.

FRom there you can work out your x and y intercepts


then you can use the area of a triangle to solve.

 Jun 6, 2021
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