I have found an online calculator that can compute the product of thousands of integers. I have found a way to use a Gnumeric spreadsheet to construct such input strings; for example 2*3*5*9*...*X, with thousands of integers in the string. However, the calculator that performs these operations cannot perform division between two such numbers, which I require. I would be interested to know what WEB2.0CALC's capacity is in this regard. Is such a calculator available online?

Thank you

Graham Ellis

 Aug 19, 2017

Just like all other calculators written in C++, such as this one, the maximum input/output number that such a script can handle is around \(10^{308}\), the limit of C++ integer values, if exceeded, digit overflowing occurs and the calculator will represent the number as infinity (i.e. the flipped \(8\) symbol).

Make sure your numerator & denominator is both less than \(308\) digits long in base-\(10\), if one of them is over this limit in your fraction, that one will appear as infinity, while the other number will be fine. If both of them are over the limit, it will simply show infinity/infinity. Be careful not to exceed the calculators limits!

 Aug 20, 2017

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