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Write an equation you could use to solve each problem.Then solve each equation.

a) Aiko bought 14 DVDs for $182. She paid the same amount for each DVD. How much did each DVD cost?

b) Kihew collects beaded leather bracelets. She lost 14 of her bracelets. Kihew has 53 bracelets left. How many bracelets did she have to begin with?

c) Manuel gets prize points for reading books. He needs 100 points to win a set of tangrams. Manuel has 56 points. When he reads 11 more books, he will have 100 points. How many points does Manuel get for each book he reads?

 Jan 7, 2018


14C  =  182    where C is the cost per DVD

Divide both sides by 14

C  = $13




B -  14  =  53     where B is the number of bracelets she started with

Add 14 to both sides

B =  67



56  +  11P   =  100        where P is the points for each book

Suntract 56 from both sides

11P  = 44      

Divide both sides by 11

P  = 4



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 Jan 7, 2018
edited by CPhill  Jan 7, 2018

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