How many grams of HCl will be produced with 16.2 grams of H2 and excess Cl2?

                                                   H2 + Cl2 -> 2HCl

 Feb 16, 2018

See a tentative answer under your first question.

 Feb 16, 2018

Since you have excess Cl , the limiting factor is the H


16.2 gm of H2 is still 16.2 gm of H


Each 1.008 of hydrogen requires 35.45 gm of chlorine to form HCl


16.2 /1.008   x  35.45 = 569.732 gm Cl required

16.2 gm H + 569.732 gm of Cl = 585 .932 gm HCl

 Feb 17, 2018

sii1lver, you have already asked this question. Two more explanations for this question are located at this link: https://web2.0calc.com/questions/i-also-need-help-on-questions-3-7-and-8-too-these#r5


Yes, the individual answers are not identical, but it is possible to attribute the small inaccuracy to rounding. 

 Feb 18, 2018

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