So, the NFL regular season is drawing to an end as we head on to Week 15. Give your predictions below and create your own playoffs list, starting with the Wild Card games for both AFC & NFC, advancing to Divisional Playoffs, the Confrence, and all the way to the Super Bowl (dont include the pro bowl cuz that's the best players of various teams playing another good team of other various teams. If currently there is a tie for the division spot or for the wild card spot just put down the team YOU think will break the tie and advance. 


Here's how I think the playoffs are going to work:



Wild Card Games:                                   

-Steelers(1) At Broncos                            

-Jets At Colts        


Divisional Playoffs:

-Steelers At Patriots

-Colts At Bengals


AFC Conference:

-Patriots At Bengals



Wild Card Games: 

-Vikings At Packers

-Seahawks At Eagles(2)


Divisional Playoffs:

-Packers At Cardinals 

-Seahawks At Panthers


NFC Conference:

-Cardinals At Panthers


Super Bowl 50:

Panthers Vs Bengals


Bold: Winning Team

Note 1: Steelers Beat Chiefs in Wild Card Spot

Note 2: Eagles Beat Redskins For NFC East Playoffs Spot

 Dec 20, 2015


1. Carolina

2. Arizona

3. Green Bay

4. Washington

5. Seattle

6. Minnesota


Wild Card Round

Green Bay over Minnesota

Seatle over Washigton


Divisional Round

Seattle over Carolina

Arizona over Green Bay


Championship  Game

Seattle over Arizona





1. New England

2. Cincinnati

3. Kansas City

4. Houston

5. Denver

6. Pittsburgh


Wild Card Round

Kansas City over Pittsburgh

Denver over Houston


Divsional Round

New Englan over Denver

Kansas city over Cincinnati


Championship Game

New England over Kansas City



Super Bowl

Seattle over New England





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 Dec 21, 2015

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