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Ok, I got stuck on finding the domain and finding the range and doing interval notation.


Other than plugging it in symbolab, I can't really find the domain or the range.


Without plugging it into a certain website, I can not find the domain, the range, and the interval notation of something.


Can you guys give me a brief up here?




\(tommarvoloriddle \)

 Jul 8, 2019

For a specific answer, you need to present one or more equations in the context of your question.


Generally, for continuous, linear function equations the domain and range will be all real numbers, except when the denominator becomes zero (0).


This video will help you to understand the basic concepts and methods for deriving the domain, range, and (some of the) interval notations used for non-continuous functions.   https://www.khanacademy.org/math/algebra/algebra-functions/domain-and-range/v/domain-and-range-from-graphs




 Jul 8, 2019

Thank you GingerAle.

tommarvoloriddle  Jul 8, 2019

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