7 to the power of 2 =49 or not

Guest Oct 23, 2017

7 to the power of 2 is 49. 

Any number to the power of 2 is multiplying that number by itself twice.

So that would be 7*7, which is 49.

So yes, 7^2 is 49.

(Did I mix something up again?)

Gh0sty15  Oct 23, 2017

Yes, 49 is the correct answer.


For this specific problem, you are multiplying:   7x7=49


For say \(5^8\) what you do is multiply 5x5x5x5x5x5x5x5= 390,625


The little number shows how many times you multiply and the big number shows what you are multiplying.

Mr.Owl  Oct 23, 2017

yes, the answer to 72 is equal to 49 and I'll tell you how.


you have 72 and you convert it into 7*7 and you get 49 which is the answer to 72.

zackiverson  Oct 23, 2017

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