Drag and drop an answer to each box to correctly complete the proof. Given: m∥nm∥n , m∠1=50∘m∠1=50∘ , m∠2=48∘m∠2=48∘ , and line s bisects ∠ABC

Line m parallel to line n. Line t passing through both lines. There are four angles formed by lines m and t intersecting at point E. The upper left angle is angle D E F with point D on line m and point F on line t. Angle D E F is separated by a ray forming angles 1 and 2, where angle 1 is the left angle of those two angles. There are four angles formed by lines n and t intersecting at point B. The lower right angle is angle A B C with point A on line t and point C on line n. Line s passes through point B separating angle A B C into two angles labeled 4 and 5 with angle 4 being on the left side. Line s also separates the upper left angle into two angles, and the angle on the right side is labeled 3.

 Dec 29, 2017

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