On a town map, the city hall is located at (0, 4), the fire station is located at (2, 4), and the high school is located at (0,0). Each unit on the grid has a length of 1 mile.

There is a road that goes straight from the fire station to the high school, but between the three buildings is open space. If the parks department wants to make a park out of the triangular space between the buildings, what will the area of the park be?

 Jan 29, 2021

We  have a right triangle   with   the hypotenuse  being the distance  between  the high school and the fire station  and the two legs the distances  from the high school  to city hall  and the distance  between city hall and the  fire station


The last two distances are   4 miles and  2 miles


The area  =  product of the legs  / 2  =       (4)(2)/ 2 =   8/2  =   4 miles^2


Here's a graph  : https://www.desmos.com/calculator/kku5xejv1n


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 Jan 29, 2021

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