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Good afternoon Ms.********,

Yesterday I got my English paper back, and I wasn't really happy with my grade. I think I still have room for improvement if I can get a second chance, so I was wondering if there is a retake possibility? I'm sorry for any inconvenience this can cause you! Thank you!




(don't worry I didn't actually write ISmellGood for my name)

(also usually they give us retake possibilities but I just wanna sound extra polite

 Oct 18, 2017

It sounds like a very well thought out letter to your teacher. I do have one correction to make it sound a bit better.


After "Yesterday I got my English paper back," you should write " and I was disappointed with my grade."


But other than that it sounds great!


cool <---- You

 Oct 18, 2017

thank u!

ISmellGood  Oct 18, 2017

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