Hello everyone,,


im sure you might be waiting for this...hun?so  here are some pics for you all!


The laziest person existing on the planet!



 i like it!


Well, its amazing but i have a few.......questions!


What can i say....the truth is infront of your nose....








Ive experienced soooooooooo yes!


Wish math had a brain .......



i guess....


Now i have a proof that moms are geniuses!


Then i guess, the kid chosen is unliked more...im glad im not chosen!


i'll run in the street shouting worse than an 11 year old

now may i know what will "you" do???


af course!





Oh .......they are gorgeous.....isnt it Melody!?


My daydream........


Zombie Wedding.....hahahaahaaaaaa


Now this is for all of you to answer......comment below the answer!

so my name would be...rosala=shimoarikataka...wow this is so hard to spell....shi-moari-kataka= shimoarikataka    learnt it!check yours!


now ......today i had missed school puposely, the thing wa si couldnt sleep last night , as much as i remember till 3 am i couldnt an di had to wake up at 6 for school.Becoz i couldnt slep i thougght to walk around the house...maybe i get tired and go to sleep. then i actually didnt walk, just saw my face in the mirrir and came, of i was no less than the whitest ghost!


then in the morning my mom woke me, it was cold , so she brought me my socks to wear, now after this everything happening is happening on purpose. i took at least 20 mins to wear those socks*between this i would act as if i fell asleep again and used to lie down until my mom came screaming) .Now i had to brush....so i took 5mins to place the paste on the toothbrush!(the secret behind his is , i used to place the toothpaste then dance wih it and at the end wash it back,i did this atleast thrice. oh its a hard work) . Then i got onto brushing, i moved the brush slower than a turtle.......and when my mom was to leave for the bus stop i did it all fast showing "im worried to get to school". now i ran to dress. and actually i just sang slowly and laughed silently and danced crazily inside passing time......oh....i forgot and also shouting" just  a mintue im about to be done.....oh just one minute"


and at end when i was lying on my bed thinking, i heard my moms voice say "no use now, the bus  is gone" and here the acting started....i cursed the bus driver for he just always makes a "bus" an"aeroplane" and the senior girl who leaves every kid behind and the school for why coudltn they put school on 10:00am.....i did my best acting and at last i leaped out of the room with a sad face and went to bed.....i forgot to mention....with the phone!



hows the story???


now for the thought of the day!



this ones really good!but not all haters are like that....maybe yes....i'll confirm after 10 yeras ok?


So theres no need to aks if you liked this post coz im sure you surely did!still i'd ask ....how was the experience?


Enjoy your weekend....


See you next time .....with something amazing....


Tab Tak Ke Liye......



 Jan 16, 2015

Best Answer 


My name in Japanese is Kiarikafukari

 Jan 16, 2015

Isn't it funny, rosala???....you ditch school because you're tired.....and then, when your mom lets you stay home...... suddenly, you aren't tired, at all....LOL!!!


Mirishikiari  = Chris  = "CPhill"


 Jan 16, 2015

Thanks Rosala,


There were some really good ones in there.


I really liked the way you told your truancy story.  That was really funny.


The funiest pic was the mother photocopying the phone because she did not know how to take a screen shot.  It was really funny because it is something I would do. LOL 


I love that glass bubble.  I'd  like to spend a night in there although it would not suit anyone who suffered from agoraphobia!


And yes those lionesses are really cute.  But I am not going to pat them 

 Jan 16, 2015
Best Answer

My name in Japanese is Kiarikafukari

NotTheBestMathMaster Jan 16, 2015

Im so happy you all liked it.......


Melody i liked the "screenshot " one too!and top correct you they arent lionesses , its a "couple" hehe!


well CPhill i just didnt want to go to school, i had to do a lot of "after the play" acting...and oh not to forget...hear a lot too!


all of yoiur "japanese" names are awesome!


just takes tooo long to spell!


 Jan 17, 2015

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