My first date with Donna was a disaster. I decided to take her to a small Italian restaurant. That my friends told me had reasonable prices. I looked over the menu and realized I could not pronounce the names of the dishes. Such as “veal piccata” and “fettuccini Alfredo.” Then I noticed a burning smell. The candle on the table was starting to blacken. And scorch the back of my menu. Trying to be casual, I quickly poured half my glass of water onto the menu. When the waiter returned to our table, He asked me if I wanted to order some wine. I ordered a bottle of Blue Nun. The only wine that I had heard of and could pronounce. The waiter brought the wine, poured a small amount into my glass, and waited. I said, “You don’t have to stand there. We can pour the wine ourselves.” After the waiter put down the wine bottle and left. Donna told me I was supposed to taste the wine. Feeling like a complete fool. I managed to get through dinner. However, for weeks afterward, I felt like jumping out of a tenth-story window. 


I need some help I need it to be like this  https://ladelta.instructure.com/courses/199084/files/51918286/download?wrap=1

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