When's doing an equation how can I change the subject of the equation because the final answer on the calculator doesn't get vex me the right subject. The equation was a/(sqrt 1-x^2) = b/c. Make x the subject of this equation

 Sep 24, 2017

The equation was  a/(sqrt 1-x^2) = b/c.   Make x the subject of this equation


This is what you have written... Is it what you want or do you need to use more brackets.

It is important that you learn to use the brackets properly.



\(\frac{a}{\sqrt 1-x^2} = \frac{b}{c}\\ \frac{a}{1-x^2} = \frac{b}{c}\\\)


This is what I think you actually want.         a/(sqrt (1-x^2) )= b/c


This is :


\(\frac{a}{\sqrt {1-x^2}}=\frac{b}{c}\\ \qquad \qquad \text{If this formula is for the real number system then you need to see that }\\ \qquad \qquad 1-x^2>0\quad \quad and \quad c\ne0\\ \qquad \qquad -1

 Sep 24, 2017

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