You all know that I like to see a certain amount of play on the forum.




This is and must always be primarily a mathematics help forum.

It is getting so that it is hard to find the questions because of all the social posts.


Each day you can have one or two social threads.

Maybe a riddle thread and another for more general chat.


Do not put a new comment on a new post. If you want to post a riddle, find the riddle thread and post it there.

Maybe all you social posters can chat amoung yourselves and work out how this is best done.



Every time we get a new 'batch' of kids on the forum we go through this.  

At it is always very pleasing how quickly they get themselves organised in a fun and acceptable way.



Also, I think we have a slightly sleazy guest who appears sometimes.  IGNORE him.

People who are ignored get bored and go away.  Do not respond to distastful posts AT ALL.

You can also message me or CPhill or Alan if you want and we can remove the post.  I encourage you to do this :)





Melody  Dec 1, 2015
edited by Melody  Dec 2, 2015

It just occured to me that some of you might not know where to look for a social post.

In the row just above the questions there are a whole lot of tabs.  Normally it is on the "question" tab.

BUT there is an "answers" tab  there too.


Open the "answers" page and it will probably be obvious where other people are chatting.

Just click into one of  the chat answers and you will find the whole chat thread   :)

Melody  Dec 2, 2015

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