The Just Candy store has found that kids prefer certain colors of suckers, regardless of how good they taste. The following data were collected at the store for kids age 4 to 7 years:

  Sucker Color Survey

   Color       Frequency

  Green            17

    Red             88

  Yellow           25

  Purple           57

When rounded to the nearest hundredth, what is the estimated proportion of all kids visiting the store who will choose the most preferred sucker color from this sample?


A 0.49

B 0.47

C 0.09

D 88

hay24  Apr 16, 2018



88 / (17 + 88 + 25 + 57) = 0.4705882353...


Round to the nearest whole percent, we have 0.47 or 47%.


The answer would be B. 

GYanggg  Apr 17, 2018

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