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What does the ' mean by the numbers and can these be solved by a calculator?


It tells me to use a calculator to evaluate the value of the following trig functions but I don't know how to put the ' in a calculator.

7. sec 54° 23’

8. cos 36° 10’ 

9. cot 35° 21’ 45’’

 Mar 24, 2019
edited by Guest  Mar 24, 2019

You could probably simplify that stuff... I don't know. Googling it may help.

 Mar 24, 2019

sec 54° 23’


Most calculators have a way of putting in minutes and seconds. 

BUT you have to change it to    1 / 54° 23’


The web 2 calc has the 'sec' function (trig) so you don't need to worry about that but it has no seconds(angle)  function.

So you have to put it in like this


sec(54+23/60) = -1.7853120273505811


What kind of calc are you using?

 Mar 27, 2019

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