I am playing this game that has an event going on right now, but it requires me to wait until I have at least one energy before I get to do anything, okay? Well, the problem is, that, as of right now, I’m getting one energy every 5 minutes, and the maximum energy that I can have at once is 20. I would like to know approximately how long it would take to max out the energy meter from no energy.

Edit: I stand corrected- it’s actually 23 max now. Soon to be 26 next.


It’s a thing that you can upgrade, so the upgrades vary, but they go from +1 Power, which I don’t exactly see the use of, then, after the +1 power is upgraded 3 times, then it’s a +3 maximum energy once, then a -1 minute from how long it takes to get 1 energy, and then back to the 3x +1 power’s, and so on. So each one of the energy let’s me tap on the “boss” once, which in turn gives me what seems to be a random amount of the event’s currency -usually sapphires-. The sapphires let me purchase the upgrade. However, every time I upgrade, the price to upgrade increases by about 50 or so. And I thought I was seeing a pattern with the sapphire rewards -you get more if you tap the “boss” multiple times in a row- but that really doesn’t seem like the case. I’m so sorry, because I just gave WAY to much information for you to be able to work with. I sure hope you will be able to figure it out!😉


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 Dec 15, 2019

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 Dec 15, 2019

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