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Hi my friends,


I have a few questions for today please, if you would be so kind...smiley


write in exponential form:


I tried to write using latex Log x with a base of 3..could not..


so it's log x, with a base of 3 = 81



Please help me with this one..Thank you kindly..

 Nov 13, 2019

Is this what you mean?


\(log_3 x=81\\ 3^{log_3 x}=3^{81}\\ x=3^{81}\)

 Nov 13, 2019

Hello Melody!!!...well yes, that's what I meant, however i think I lost track of how exactly the question was put. I'll have a look at it again..thank you sooo much for the reply..

juriemagic  Nov 13, 2019
edited by juriemagic  Nov 13, 2019

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