f(x) = -x^2 -14x - 53


a. What would be the formula for the axis of symmetry for the accompanying parabola?

b. What would be the coordinates of the top for this parabola?

c. How would this graph look like?

 Nov 22, 2018

The formula to find the axis of symmetry for any parabola is x= -b/(2a) for the quadratic equation of ax^2+bx+c.


(a) Therefore, the formula for the axis of symmetry for this parabola is x= 14/(-2) = -7. The final answer is x=-7.


(b) By top, I am assuming you mean the vertex. Since we know the axis of symmetry, x=-7, we know that the x-coordinate of the vertex of the parabola is -7. Substituting x=-7 into the quadratic equation, we get:




So, the coordinates for the vertex of the parabola is (-7,-4)


(c) The graph would look like:


 Nov 22, 2018

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