10 questions each question is multiple choice (a,b,c,d) how many total possible responses

 Feb 15, 2021

Now all the questions will be answered independently

Note if works is done independently then permatutions are added. For example if. You need to find make a team of 12 from a class which search two section each Class Section has 12 student the teams who comprise of 6 different from each section then the permutation of 1 section will be added to second sectionto get the total permutations of number of ways in which a team of 12 can be selected

But if. Doing one work depend or influence other then permatutions are multiplied

Ex the combination of four letter word is 4× 3×2×1

So ways in which one question can be answered is. 4! = 24

There are ten question which has to be answered independently so

Total no. Of ways = 10 × 24 = 240

The question was easy but u need to understand when to apply 10! × 4!

And when to apply 10 × 4!

I had explained it above in detail

Hope u get it comment if u want to understand it more briefly but I guess u can understand from this content if u don't comment down and I will repeat the explanatio

 Feb 15, 2021

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