How do I factor this equation?


I tried, but the answer I came up with didn't match with my teacher's answers, so I want a second opinion.

AdamTaurus  Sep 26, 2017

\(3x^2+5x+2\\ \)

First you need to find two numbers that multiply to give 3*2=6  

Obviously they need to be of the same sign (positive or negative)


They also need to add to 5.    Since 5 is positive both numbers must be positive.

2 and 3 work




so now you need to write 5x as 3x+2x


\(3x^2+5x+2\\ =3x^2+3x+2x+2\\ =3x^2+3x\quad+\quad2x+2\\ \text{Now factor in pairs}\\ =3x(x+1)\quad + \quad 2(x+1)\\ =(3x+2)(x+1) \)

Melody  Sep 26, 2017

Ohhhh. Okay. I see what I did wrong. I was only thinking about adding to 5 so I tried -1 and 6. Thanks!

AdamTaurus  Sep 26, 2017


I am glad I could help. 

You can expand your final answer to see if it is correct or not.

It is always good to check answers :)

Melody  Sep 26, 2017

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