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Each item you are selling you want to earn at least 1 dollar or more on.  If you want to use the same percent markup for all items, then what percent markup will work for all items on the list below to earn you at least $1 or more in profit? (Use only whole percent numbers 12%, 34% etc.)  Item:                     Cost in supplies:

Necklace               8.00

Rocking horse                15.00

Spin top                1.50

Emerald ring                  35.00

Metal Nativity Scene      25.00

Purse                    3.00

Wooden bookmark 1.60

 Dec 21, 2018

You have to take the LEAST costly item, which is the "spin top" and sell it as follows:

x% * $1.50 =$2.50  divide both sides by 1.50

x% =2.50 / 1.5 =1.6667 - 1 x 100 =66.67% - is the minimum percetage markup in order to earn at leas $1 in profit on every item in your list.

 Dec 21, 2018

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