Two hundred fence posts are to be placed into the ground in a straight line, 2m apart. The fence posts are stacked in a pile along this same line, 2 m from the position of the first post to be put in. Maybell is going to put inthe posts one at a time in order, and each post she puts in is farther away from the pile. Maybell can only carry one post at a time, and so she always walks back to the pile to getthe next post. If Maybell starts at the pile, how many kilometers must she walk to finish the job?

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Note that to put in the first post and return, she walks  2 * 2 m  =  4m = 4 (1) m


And  the total distance she walks to put in the second post is    2 * 4m  =  8m  = 4 (2) m


And the distance she walks to put in the third post is  2 * 6m  = 12m  = 4 (3) m


So....to put in  N posits...it appears that the total distance waked is


4 ( 1  + 2 + 3 + ......+  N )  m


And the sum of the first positive N  integers can be expressed  as    (N /2) * (N + 1)


So...the total distance she walks (in meters)   for 200 posts is :


4 [ (200/2) (201) ]   =  2 (200)(201) = 80, 400 m


Converting this to kilometers, she walks   80,400 / 1000  =


80.4  km !!!      that's a lot of walking  !!!



cool cool cool

CPhill  Feb 3, 2018

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