This is a quite off-topic post, but it's something I've been frustrated with for a while.


In the filter section, there is a choice between All, Answered, or Unanswered. Sometimes I like to switch to unanswered to see who still needs help, but there is a flaw with it. When I select Unanswered, it only filters out questions that have been tagged with a Best Answer.


Granted, I get that some without a Best Answer is because a troll of some sort posted a non-real answer, but for the most part they have a serious answer.


I don't know much about the coding side of this forum and how hard it would be to change things, but I would propose a solution. I would split the Unanswered Questions into two categories. A category that has absolutely no answer and a category that is all questions with no answer or no Best Answer listed.


Hopefully, my thought process here makes sense, and the solution I propose is also understood. Again, I don't know how hard it would be to create a new category with No Answers Whatsoever, but I think it could be beneficial in helping more people get the answers that they need.


I'd like to thank all the staff and moderators for taking the time to possibly humor this suggestion and for all the overall work they do.

 May 1, 2019

Note that Unanswered means there is not a “check mark” on the page, it does not mean there are no replies to a question (and it has nothing to do with best answer).


There are two methods to achieve your search goal:

The first one is simple: Scroll through the question archives and look for questions that have zero (0) replies.


To use the search and filter features:

Set the Sort option to Most Answers, and set the Filter to Unanswered.

Set the Tag to No Off-Topic  (unless you want them). Set the page number to 15 (@ 25 posts per page). You can use this link https://web2.0calc.com/questions/page/15

These settings will list approximately 30 days of unanswered (no-reply) questions in descending order with the most recent questions on page one (1).


Note: Questions more than ten-days-old (864000 seconds) will lock as soon as you post your reply. 


I’ll save the comments on how you might respond to them for future troll posts. I’m sure they will be entertaining....smiley




 May 1, 2019
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Thanks Ginger and Adam.

I have put this thread in with sticky topics as I think some other people may also be interested in what you both have said 

 May 1, 2019

There should be a filter for 'troll' and all the posts deemed as troll posts will pop up lol

 May 7, 2019

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