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Hillary pays $9.25 of her monthly life insurance premium, and her employer covers the rest. If her monthly premium is $36.50, what is the annual value to Hillary of this benefit


A. $216


B. $438


C. $327


D. $111

 Mar 1, 2019

The amount that she pays for just makes her value the same, because she's giving the money from her account, therefore lessening and increasing her value by the same amount. So she can only gain value from the amount that her company covers. So the company pays $27.25. Multiply this by 12 and you get $327 a year. So the option C

 Mar 1, 2019

36.50 - 9.25   = what employer pays per month  (this is the value per month to hillary

=$ 27.25  per month


12 months each year        12 months X 27.25/month = $327 per year benefit to Hillary

 Mar 1, 2019

thank you

 Mar 1, 2019

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