[t0, t1]


p(t)  = 200m -(4.9 m/s2) t2


it gets simplified, but im stuck on how to go further below,


= -4.9t2+ 4.9t20                                        this is being divided by the way, so what is the simplified formula i can use ?

             t1 - t0

Guest Jan 17, 2018

Your expression gives the velocity integral. To get the average, Divide this by t1-t0


i.e. vave = 4.9(t02-t12)/(t1-t0) → 4.9(t0-t1)(t0+t1)/(t1-t0) → -4.9(t0+t1) m/s

Alan  Jan 17, 2018
edited by Alan  Jan 17, 2018

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