Find the associated half-life time or doubling time:

 Q = 1200e−0.025t

Guest Sep 24, 2017

The way you have your formula written, t is for half-life, which is the exact opposite of doubling time!


Solve for t over the real numbers:
1200/e^(0.025 t) = 600

1200/e^(0.025 t) = 1200 e^(-t/40):
1200/e^(t/40) = 600

Divide both sides by 1200:
e^(-t/40) = 1/2

Take reciprocals of both sides:
e^(t/40) = 2

Take the natural logarithm of both sides:
t/40 = log(2)

Multiply both sides by 40: 
t = 40 log(2) =~ 27.726 Time units.

Guest Sep 24, 2017

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