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Well, I know that a larger pyramid, an iceberg has:

Volume: 2469421500000 m^3

Base: 297700m x 165900m

height: 150m


Now 8/9 of the volume of this pyramid is underwater.

What is the height of the smaller pyramid, that is underwater

 Aug 22, 2017

*Read the question for 3 times and finally understood what it means*'

We know that the \(\frac{1}{9}\) part of the pyramid is above water,  since the pyramid is three-dimensional, the volume of it is equal to the third power of its sides.

Now since we know that \(\frac{8}{9}\) of the volume is underwater, therefore the volume of the smaller pyramid which is above the water would be 8 times of the remaining pyramid which is underwater

The height of the smaller pyramid \(=x\), with the height of the remaining pyramid \(=150-x\)


Therefore \(150-x\) would be \(\sqrt[3]{8}=2\) times larger than \(x\):



\(x=50 (meters)\)

Done :D

(Time spent \(\approx\) 2 hours)

 Aug 22, 2017

Wow. You worked 2 hours straight to solve that? I don't have that much patience. laugh

*claps in respect*

I failed to even understand the question properly...   -_-

Gh0sty15  Aug 22, 2017

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