For dinner, Javier will choose one of three fish options and one of three side dishes. His choices for fish are salmon, trout, and halibut. His choices for side dishes are fries, cooked carrots, or coleslaw.


(a). Draw a tree diagram for the sample space of all dinner combinations.

(b). How many choices for dinner combinations does Javier have?



 Feb 4, 2018

1.) - Salmon                Trout        Halibut
       /       |           \        /   |  \         /   |  \
   Fries Carrots Slaw  F   C  S     F  C   S
-There is 9 different options, assuming that since its a combination problem and not a sequence problem, order doesn't matter.


 Feb 5, 2018

(a)   Something like this  [ hectictar could do a better job of it  !!! ] 


           Salmon                                Trout                               Halibut 

       /        l         \                          /      l     \                        /      l        \      

     /          l            \                      /       l       \                     /       l          \

  Fries   Carrots    Slaw      Fries  Carrots   Slaw         Fries  Carrots  Slaw


(b)  Nine different choices




cool cool cool

 Feb 5, 2018

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